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Welcome to Mrs. Baracosa's PE Webpage

Sami's Circuit
Sami's Circuit

Physical Education 3 Rules

1. Be Safe

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible

Extra Credit- Due Friday

  1. How many steps can you take in Ultimate Frisbee? 1pt.
  2. How do you start a game of Ultimate Frisbee ? 1pt.
  3. How do you score a goal? 1pt.

PE Dress Code

  • PLAIN White Tee Shirt (No tank tops, polo shirts, dress shirts)
  • Black or Dark Blue athletic shorts (7 inch inseam) OR athletic pants/sweatpants
  • Any color sweatshirt or jacket is allowed
  • Laced up athletic shoes with socks

3 No Dresses = Detention/ 4+ No Dresses = Friday Detention



Mrs. Baracosas Contact Information

Whats happening this week?

Monday: Ultimate Frisbee

Tuesday: Weekly TestMile Run

Wednesday: Ultimate Frisbee

Thursday: Ultimate Frisbee Quiz

Friday: Typing

Mile Hall of Fame

COA Mile Run

All Stars


8TH Grade Boys- Top 5 Times

Nikita Rybikov 6:19

Tim Bondarenko 6:35

Alik Popov 6:45

Alex Oleynik 7:00

Justin Legostaev/ MaxNovorok 7:01

7th Grade Boys- Top 5 Times

Alec Koval 6:18

Andrey Korneyenko 6:35

Stepan Esir 6:42

Mark Babin 6:46

Andrey Shestopal 6:51

8TH Grade Girls- Top 5 Times

nna Sitaruk 7:15

Lili Tkachuk 7:54

Liza Polichshuk 7:56

Veronica Denysenko 8:06

Alena Patrakova 8:10

7th Grade Girls- Top 5 Times

Maria Blyshchyk 7:12

Aliana Khimich 7:18

Viktoriya Popovych 7:28

Julia Gotishan 7:35

Mariya Haroshka 7:48



Current Assignments